Battleground SoCal 2020

Due to the current Covid-19 health crisis, LA County Department of Health and Dignity Health Sports Park have advised us that we would not be able to have our event as scheduled for April of 2021.

Due to these circumstances, we are offering the following options for all registered individuals and teams.



2021 Virtual Competition + Deferral of registration to 2022

Athletes selecting this option will have ability to compete in Battleground SoCal 2021 virtual competition and submit online scores between 04/10/21-04/24/21. These athletes will also have registration deferred to Battleground SoCal 2022 at no cost at date TBD. 

*Athletes who do not wish to participate in the virtual competition can still have their registration fees deferred to Battleground 2022.




Athletes may request refund via refund policy which has been in place since April 2020. See below. DEADLINE TO REQUEST REFUNDS IS 04/10/2021- NO EXCEPTIONS. 



We understand that many of our competitors will be requesting a refund for their entry fees. We will refund entry fees minus cost of custom competitor t-shirts and name plates ($40 per team member, $49 for individuals). T Shirts may be shipped to those requesting refund ($9 shipping fee). Name plates cannot be shipped and can be picked up (if desired). Be advised that if you receive a refund and then later decide you want to compete in April, you will need to re-register at the full cost of registration. We appreciate all of our competitors’ understanding as we all are dealing with unusual and unforeseen circumstances caused by the Covid-19 health crisis. 


To initiate refund process email us at [email protected]